A new volunteer for Area viva


A new volunteer for Area vivaCold water from the tap, composting toilet, chopping wood, waking up with the sunrise and insects buzzing around. That's rural eco-lifestyle unlimited - well, a tiny part of it. I am Carolin from Germany and for the next 12 months I will be European Volunteer for Area viva in Valeč living in the newly reconstructed Yurt on Biostatek.


RELU (Rural Eco Lifestyle Unlimited) is the name of my EVS project which was accredited by the European Union. According to the official assessment Valeč is a geographically and socially excluded locality. For young people there is not much stuff to do here. One of the goals for my voluntary service is to reach the local community with the help of activities organized by Area viva. I can serve as a link between the locals and the activities Area viva is proposing. I will participate in offering work camps and workshops about ecological building, cheesing, bees, wool processing, beer brewing etc.

Another part of my EVS will be the promotion of the WWOOF network amongst volunteers in Czech Republic and the improvement of the host farm network. I will organize hiking trips to different host farms and invite other volunteers to join me.

The motto is learning by doing and I would like to learn as much as possible about a simple and self-sufficient lifestyle in harmony with nature.

I studied environmental sciences in Lüneburg and started to volunteer on organic farms after my graduation. Before I started as an EVS I worked as a youth facilitator and communication assistant for the development cooperation. I lived a fast life in big cities across Europe until I realized that I want to slow down, I want to know where my food comes from, how I can repair things.

Living in such a rural remote area is definitely a new challenge for me – as is the Czech language :) But the little time I am here I already love it and I want to learn to speak Czech.

I am aware of the historical heritage this region has. Valeč used to be 99% German before the Second World War. Therefore I would like to explore and promote the German-Czech friendship. I will be happy to share my German culture with you and of course learn about the Czech culture from you.

I am looking forward for my stay here in Valeč and to get to know you! Come and visit me on the farm :)


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