Jenaplan School (Thüringen - Germany): an example of good practice in school canteen


Jenaplan School (Thüringen - Germany):  an example of good practice in school canteenIn the frame of the European Food Kids project, a Grundtvig Learning Partnership between Denmark, Germany and Poland, and funded by the European Union, to promote healthy food in public canteens, Area Viva visited Jenaplan School at Jena (Thüringen region – Germany).

Jenaplan-Schule is a school that changed its kitchen three years ago for a new kitchen that uses fresh, seasonal and local food and 30 % of organic products (all meat and eggs are organic). A private catering company provides the food daily and cooks the meals at the school canteen. The company has been chosen according to the board’s criteria.

At lunch today, children can choose between a German “wurst” (sausage) with sauce, pasta with zucchini and the third possibility is a sweet chocolate pudding; then they can help themselves with vegetables (among which, some typical sour cabbage), rice, etc. As a dessert, there are mandarins. The whole EFK team has lunch in there.

Then, we have the opportunity to learn more about the catering system of Jenaplan School through the presentation realized by three students. We are told that the board is made of parents, dedicated teachers and students. The decision to change the catering a few years ago was taken because the number of pupils eating at school was slowly but inexorably going down, the quality of the food served then being each day lower and less healthy. At the new canteen, which has also been redesigned so that it is more cozy and colorful, the pupils can now choose between two or three main courses and take as much of and as many side-dishes (which include vegetables and starchy food) as they want. They can also have fruits. Moreover, several times a week, some exposition or workshop is organized within the school to enhance nutritional education. The next project aims at improving the general acoustic quality in the canteen.

Another presentation is made by a member of the student company run by pupils from the school. Its name is SchülerFAIRma. The young girl explains why and how was created this small company and what are its aims. This kind of companies is usual in Germany. It enables the interested pupils (of all ages) to be given responsibilities and jobs or roles within their school. Here, SchülerFAIRma focuses especially on the use of organic and fair trade products at their café. For a small snack or a drink, everyone can go to the Schülercafe, which is agreeably decorated and furnished. That’s actually where we go at the end of the visit for a pleasant cup of coffee and a piece of yummy hand-made cake. On the whole, an interesting example of good practice in public canteens.


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