School excursions - Spring 2013


School excursions - Spring 2013Every year, AREA viva welcomes many schools around the county for field excursions to Biostatek farm. The unformal teaching and presentation include a short introduction to the envrionnment where the farm is situated (right next to the beautiful and historical park and castle of Valeč), a demonstration of sheep shearing and some traditional wool processing.

Pupils also have the opportunity to learn more about how to raise and nurture bees and harvest beautiful raw honey. They are invited as well to use their five senses, smelling the sweet perfume when standing next to the behives (lovely scent of honey, wax and propolis), petting the sheep and touching the wool and the products made of wool, having a go at carding, spinning and felting the wool, looking at and admiring the fantastic nature and landscape of the surroundings, tasting the sheep cheese and milk, listening to the farmers' explanations, and many more sense experiences. AREA viva aims at educating the broad puplic and the youngers on the issues of ecological agriculture, ecology and the countryside. Have a look at the pictures:

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