Another "new" volunteer


Hi, I'm Marie, the not so new volunteer from Germany.


Jmenuji se Marie and that's basically all I can say after being here for already two months.
Not very impressive, I know but first things first. 
So, I'm Marie, as you already know and I am also an EVS volunteer at AREA viva.
I was born in Konstanz (Germany) and I celebrated my 21st birthday here in Valec. 

Well, I already wrote an article about myself the first week I arrived but I didn't publish it 
and I've got the feeling that it might be outdated already.
What can I say, I had probably the most horrible start in my EVS; I got bit by a dog, nearly
froze to death, all that, you know but I told myself that it can only get better - and it did.
It's probably too soon to say that but I actually feel at home. Chopping wood, being outside,
building, gardening and contributing to the beautiful community of Valec -  all that makes up
for the bad start I had.

I feel that I already learned and changed a lot but there's definitely more to learn and discover.
I will keep you updated.

- Marie

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