European Food Kids, final meeting in Poland


European Food Kids, final meeting in PolandOn May 8th and 9th, the partners of the European Food Kids project met for the last time in Brok, in Poland to take part to the public final event organized by the Polish partner AgriNatura.

During two days, the partners, from Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany and Poland, visited several places and took part to the public lunch with pupils, parents and teacher from a school of Łochów.

Area Viva was there. On the first day of our stay, we first visited the museum of Polish agriculture in Ciechanowiec, opened early in the 1960’s. There, we had an overview of a typical village from the old times when churches and houses were built all in wood (many are actually still visible in the villages around) and when homes consisted of one single room that would serve as kitchen, living room and bedroom. Another room would be used for special celebration days or to host guests. It’s a nice reconstitution, well designed and with beautiful decoration and furniture; you would easily forget that life was much harder at that time…  We then continued our visit by seeing a collection of old tractors and of workers’ tools and went on our tour under the rain to the botanic museum and small garden. We finally headed to the watermill, used to show the pupils in school excursions how the bread is made and explain what it is made of, before going back to the cars.

Our next visit is at the botanic garden Dary Natury (“gift of the nature”), official organic botanic garden since 2010. About 60 people work at this place, either picking the plants, packaging the products or selling them in the little shop. There we have lunch, home-made beer and acorn coffee and make our own herbal infusion while outside rain is pouring down...

At the end of the day, we visited the farm of the Polish partner and finished by having outdoor dinner at a local educational farm.

On the second day, we headed to the school of Łochów where each of the partners made a presentation, of themselves and either of the project or of one example of good practice in our own country. Area viva presented the initiative of an association of kindergardens in Karlovy Vary which decided to bring a healthy diet at their canteen. You can have a look at the presentation following this link: A famous cook, Grzegorz Łapanowski, also took part to the event and presented his organization and project “Szkola na widelnou” (“School in the plate”).

At lunch time, we all went to an open place where pupils and parents were invited to share a meal made of pancakes and healthy, tasty and mostly organic fillings and juices as well as a successful vegetarian grill. The young famous chief was leading a nice workshop with the children while others were organized for the many visitors, adults and children, cooks, teachers, parents and pupils. On the walls were the pages of the comic we created to explain the origin of several ingredients of a pancake. Children seemed pleased to read them. This public event closed the European Food Kids project. We are convinced that it had a certain impact on the attendants and gave them some inspiration. The comic and the toolbox in Czech language will soon be available. Please contact us for more information.

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