One french man and the cheeses


One french man and the cheesesWhat happens when you leave french man doing what he wants with cheese... Some nice new cheese savour, let me explain.

 We stopped milking sheeps approximately 2 weeks ago, so we can't eat our delicious cheese until next spring. But what happened with our last liter of milk?

I was helping Markéta to prepare the last cheese called "brinza", and to do this I needed to remove the crust cheese. So I asked Markéta to know what we will happen with this crust cheese, she said me "We will just give it to our cats." Hearing this answer broke my heart. To give this to cats just because it was strong in savour and with blue-grey mould was impossible for me. Thereby I decided to make my cheese with this crust. Sorry cats, you will not enjoy this time.

Then I formed 4 cheeses, and for each of then I decided its destiny. One will be with pepper around, one with salt to concerve it long time and see what happens, another one in one cup with salt, pepper, olive, garlic and olive oil and the last one with nothing. Actually the one with pepper was delicious and the one with olive oil too. The two other are waiting for more savour. The one with salt doesn't smell to much but the one without salt starts to smell very nice after two weeks in fresh wardrobe.

All people in the farm liked the first one, also Markéta in spite of her first thinking when I told her my idea to eat the crust. Hawever I think, one glass of red win will be appropriate for the last one.

In any case I will make more cheese like this next year because it's so good... 

See you, Bastien.

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