One year in Czech Republic as an EVS volunteer


One year in Czech Republic as an EVS volunteerI’m leaving Valec after a twelve-month European voluntary service at AREA viva. It’s time to sum up and look behind at the whole year spent here. I have been very busy all along, taking part in many different activities within AREA viva organization as well as other cultural activities on the side.

Here are some activities I was happy to take part to. I was particularly involved in a European project called European Food Kids for which I helped in the organization of one meeting in Czech Republic, in the creation of a comic about food for children and of a toolbox for adults. 
I also realized several activities linked with the WWOOF Czech organization of which AREA viva is responsible. In this sense, I was responsible of some communication through social networks and also visited several farms in order to write articles to promote their activities among the wwoofers’ community and outside.
I was also partly responsible for some volunteering programmes, during the Summer workcamp or other weekends for young people, or in the early Spring for senior volunteers staying 3 weeks at the place. 
All year round, I also helped at the castle park, either with some manual work in the gardens or with the translation into French of the castle guide. 
During both Spring seasons, I presented the educational farm to children in school excursions in Czech and English, being responsible for leading a workshop. I also visited local secondary schools and highschools to present myself, my project, my country and how to go abroad to the pupils.
In the frame of my personal project, I first tried to apply for a national grant to help building a mobile sauna for and with the help of young unemployed people of the village. The application being rejected, I decided to give weekly English classes to some inhabitants of Valec. To finish with, I spent some time doing some farm activites (working with animals, making cheese, processing honey, and apples, making hay, gardening, etc.). 
I have learned and improved many competences that will help me in my life, I’m convinced of this. Non-formal education is something that this European program is quite focused on. The Youthpass helped me realize it. However, more than anything, I’ve been delighted to meet and get to know so many lovely people, from the locality of Valec, from Czech Republic as well as from other countries and had the opportunity to travel around, in the frame of my project or in my free time. 
I came here to experience something new, to give my time in an NGO, to meet new people and to look for some challenges which I had indeed to face during the year. I gained some knowledge and skills (manual, IT, cooking, educational, etc.), I partly learned a new language and had an good insight of a unique culture and people. Overwhole I would define my EVS as a successful experience, although with some ups and downs, which are in my opinion always unavoidable. And I would recommand it to anyone from 18 to 30, here or there…

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