Project : « Valečská Knihovnička »


Project : « Valečská Knihovnička » New cultural project for Valeč

I am in Valeč since 6 months now, the time flies in addition when you enjoy your activities; during winter we have less work with sheep, I mean we do not have to milk them hence we cannot make cheese, despite that we have to feed them every morning and take care to the new lambs which born recently, they are very cute.

Nevertheless my volunteering is not only that activities, I can realize or create one project related to my activities in the farm or whatever I wish to.

So, I have decided to create one small library, in free access, who everybody could leave a book and take one. Aims of this library are to have a free exchange of books, have a better possibility to read and to have another cultural place in Valeč.

During last summer, I saw which a lot of tourists and travellers came in the castle park and around Valeč to hike or spend time around the castle. This tourist activity is a good opportunity to have an active free library. I already find one place to build it: next to the tourist map, in front of the parking of the main square. Also, I wanted to include the school in this project because for me it is important to give the opportunity to read for the children, thereby I took contact with the director of the school to ask for help to paint the walls of the library by the children.

The project is on the right track, with the help of the Biostatek’s workers, I ask Valeč town hall to support financially this project. In any case, the project will be realized, I wish inaugurate it on 22th April, for the Earth day.

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