The little house in the field


The little house in the fieldHello, the Marie’s house is finished!

 Do you remember, when I arrived to Biostatek I had a mission to build one house for Marie, another European volunteer from Germany. The goal was to build it before her arrival but the time was too short to build this house in time. She is in the farm since almost 2 months and she was accommodated in own yurt. But with woofers and different helpers, the construction is now completed and Marie slept inside last week for the first time.

To build this small house we had tried to use local store, in consequence the wooden frame and wooden board come from Valeč sawmill; the steel panels for the roof, the outside boards and also the different screws and nails what we needed during the construction are from Podbořany, 20km far from Valeč. And the most important, for insulation we used our own sheep wool, I can tell you this house smell very good…


The construction’s steps were:

To create flat foundation with different pieces of wood, under this pieces we put small stones to drain the water.

To made the floor. On this floor we built the wall’s and roof’s frame because it was easier to use this flat surface.

In one day we connect the walls on the floor, the roof and also we put insulation’s roof and steel panel for it. The house bore.

After it was a long work to put insulation in the walls, the outside and inside boards but the result look very nice.

Few electric problems later, the Marie’s house had light and electricity inside. The stove completed the house.

This house will maybe move to the EcoCamp so I tried to create it moveable.


 It was interesting to build this house and to work with different people who helped me. I hope Marie will be fine inside during the winter, it was the first time for me to use sheep wool for insulation in consequence I don’t know its capacity. I will see the result later…

Winter is coming, I’m going to split some wood for the stove. See you later.  

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