Vaclav Stanek joins Social farming and WWOOF


Vaclav Stanek joins Social farming and WWOOFChmelišťná is buzzing with activity on the day of our visit. When we arrive at the farm, after driving on a narrow countryside road, Václav and three teenagers are standing at the gate to welcome us at the farm. Several big and old houses are scattered around the village and in the center stands a newly restored chapel. Chmelišťná used to be inhabited by about three hundred people only a few decades ago… Now, Václav has his farm and his blacksmith workshop here and one family is living part-time in one of the big houses…


Today, however, and for most of the summer season, there is a very lively atmosphere in the village. About fifteen children from three children houses around Czech Republic are spending holidays at this lovely place; Vaclav and several leaders take care of them. The Usti nad Labem Region and the association Fido Dido are organizing it. On the programme, games and activities to become a truly skilled knight: the fun training includes archery, horse and pony-riding, sword fighting, camp fires, etc. Some of the children have come here for several years and hope to come back next year again. Here they live in the nature, they learn how to take care of the different animals (at the farm, you can find several sheep, some goats, one donkey, a dozen of horses, one dog) and are given responsibilities according to their age and capacities.

That’s how Vaclav enjoys the village: when Chmelistna is full of life with a friendly and holiday atmosphere, with pleasant time shared with others. This week, there are teenagers from children houses and next month, Chmelistna is hosting, as for the past years, a camp for troubled youth. Vaclav has been doing Social farming for a few years now and thinks about it as an opportunity to offer this youth at risk the chance to experience farming and rural life as well as community life in another environment. The young people are involved not only in the training and the care of the horses and other animals but are also given responsibilities in the daily work of the farm. The aim is to facilitate social inclusion and give participants new experiences with social interaction and community building. It may also improve their self-esteem and the appropriation of their own strength.

Apart from taking part in social farming, Vaclav also regularly welcomes WWOOFers from all over the world. A WWOOFer is willing to learn in exchange for assistance with farming or gardening activities. At Chmelistna, guests have the opportunity to take care of the animals and of the farm in general. When there are children camps, WWOOFers can also give a hand to cook or with the children’s activities. Also, Vaclav would like to renovate the main house of the village, belonging to another family, with their help and the help of other volunteers.

It is always a nice experience for Vaclav to share some of his time with both interested and always interesting people. They make him travel with them and he offers them experience in his horse farm. He remembers very well these two Australians arrived in November two years ago with Summer clothes… In average, three or four WWOOF volunteers visit him at the farm. He would welcome maybe one or two more. Vaclav would love one day to be himself a WWOOF volunteer in Portugal.

We therefore wish the best to Vaclav who is always willing to take part in other social events organized by foreign or domestic partner as last month as an example, with the international project called “Fotbal pro rozvoj” (Football for development) touring in Czech Republic. You can find out more about Vaclav’s farm and activities on his website:

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