My tour of Czech WWOOF farms


My tour of Czech WWOOF farms In the frame of my European Voluntary Service, I am partly in charge, among other projects, of promoting WWOOFing in Czech Republic. One good way to do so and to get to know more the WWOOF hosts in the country is to meet them directly at their place, spending some time with them and when possible giving a hand. I started this summer with the separate visit of two farms in the Utecky county; the experience had been really great. Last month I started this proper tour by visiting the north of Stredocesky county.

I put my bag on my back, got on my bike and left Mlada Boleslav on a Friday afternoon. When I arrived at 4 hearts (Osinalice), in the heart of the Kokorin region, famous for its castle and its sandstone valley, the sun had set down long time ago. However, Vladimir Halada was expecting me. I was given a warm and substantial meal shared with the young people attending a massage workshop that weekend. At night, we went to a family pub in a neighbor village. On the way, I was able to speak with Vladimir and know more about his experience (further developed here: The evening was spent in a room full of happy, nice and joyful people singing Czech old songs and playing guitar till very late. On the following morning, I was very lucky and honored to attend Vladimir’s workshop during which we practiced with his guidance the massage on lower limbs.

After lunch, it was more than time for me to leave and ride towards the south through the forest. Riding in this region was taking me more time than I had expected and I arrived at Ekozahrada pod Vezi (Horni Pocapli) in late afternoon. There I met Hanka and all her friends who were sitting in the kitchen to learn about old varieties of apples including degustation and hot drinks. We had a break when Hanka’s husband came back from work and showed us his assertive way of milking his uncooperative goat (other farm activities described here: We went to bed late that night after a very friendly party.

The day after, it was raining cats and dogs so Hanka took me in her car to Melnik where a friend of the last WWOOF home, Helena, very kindly offered me a lift to Slepici Gang (Nosalov) where she would also spend the day. There we met Jana. The weather may have been sad that outside, but inside, in the only room that Jana and her boyfriend with help of friends have been able to refurbish till now, we feel very comfortable. We started chatting about the story of this huge and brave project of renovating this historical farm around hot tea and snack and about their first month in WWOOF network (you will know more here: Around 11:00, as the rain almost stopped, we went outside, through the very muddy yard and down to the paddock where we took the flock of twenty-three goats and sheep. The weather was not clement enough to start building the winter shelter for the goats as we had first planned but it was okay for giving some treatment to the animals. Regretfully I had to leave before we finished the work.

I left this region with many happy thoughts in mind, wishing them a lot of luck and as many WWOOFers’ hands as possible. I met very motivated, generous and dynamic people with interesting projects who in some way and very short time managed to inspire me. I am now looking forward to my next tour somewhere in Czech Republic.


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